Protect your
catalytic converter and much more!

The future of vehicle security is here. With CatWatch, protect your entire vehicle with wireless and wired security options. Protect your assets:


Vehicle Battery

Catalytic Converter



And Much More!

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Introducing CatWatch Wireless

Expand your vehicle security. Built to withstand harsh environments, the CatWatch wireless sensors can be installed to protect your catalytic converter, toolboxes and much more.

The CatWatch anti-theft system is designed to reduce fleet downtime due to stolen catalytic converters.

Security amendments, such as mechanical brackets, perimeter fencing, lighting, and personnel have not been proven effective in reducing or preventing catalytic converter theft, and they come at a very significant cost. CatWatch can be installed for less than most insurance deductibles!


Receive real-time notifications and text messages the moment your vehicle is being tampered with.

On-site Alarm

Not only do you get notified, the CatWatch siren will sound alerting anyone in the nearby area.

Tamper Proof

If thieves attempt to disarm or cut the sensor cables of the CatWatch unit, an alert signal is sent automatically.

Wireless Options

Install an unlimited number of wireless sensors to your vehicle. Multiple sensor options available. See below.

Link Units

Allow other CatWatch units to detect when your vehicle is being tampered with. Sounds all the sirens at once.

Full Control

Have full control of your CatWatch. With the CatWatch app, create a schedule when to arm or disarm your unit.

CatWatch Pro-Tec Industries Mobile App

The CatWatch App

By adding your vehicles into the CatWatch app, you can stay up-to-date with your vehicle 24/7. Receive instant alerts when your vehicle is being tampered with.

Download Today

The CatWatch app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Click the link to select your device.

CatWatch Pro-Tec Industries Mobile App CatWatch Pro-Tec Industries Mobile App

What can CatWatch Wireless do?

All of our wireless sensors have been tested to withstand harsh environments.
Custom housing options and brackets are available upon request.


Waterproof and suitable for harsh environments, the movement sensor is used to detect moving assets.

Open / Close

Low power usage and small in size, the open / close sensor is used to detect when your asset is opened.

People Detection

With a range of 5 meters, the people detection sensor is used to determine when somebody enters the area.

How does CatWatch Wired work?

Watch our demonstration video below explaining some of the features of the CatWatch Wired unit. CatWatch can be installed onto fleets or personal vehicles.

What do customers say about CatWatch?

CatWatch has been made to service both fleets and personal vehicles. Stay up-to-date with all your vehicles at the same time with the CatWatch app.

"CatWatch has been great. The instant notifications has allowed us to call the authorities and get them to our yard right away."

Clint H.

"Really neat product. We have it installed on multiple vehicles. It's good to know that we can keep watch of our vehicle at all times."

Jeff M.

"I installed CatWatch Wired on our buses to prevent Catalytic Converter theft. I enjoying knowing there is a good layer of protection on the vehicle."

Rick M.

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Are you looking for looking to prevent your catalyic converter from being stolen? Give us a call to talk about how CatWatch can protect you and your fleet.

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Wether you have a question or would like to talk to some about CatWatch being installed on your vehicle, give us a call today! We are happy to have a conversation about CatWatch.

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